How can I search for a specific calculator?

To perform a search in the app, tap on the search bar and enter ‘Neurosurgery’ or any topic of interest. Search by publication title, specialty, authors, journal, and more!

How can I add a calculator to ‘Favorites’?

To add a calculator to your favorites in the app, twirl down the description on any calculator and tap on the star icon. You can also access this icon while using the calculator. Favorites are saved to your account so you can use them on any device.

Can I access these calculators on your website?

Calculators can only be accessed through the app; however, we do have plans to expand this capability on our website. If you need to use a calculator on your computer, consider copying the direct link to the calculator from the app.

How can I suggest a new calculator?

If you know of an online machine learning based medical calculator or assessment tool that we have not already added, please submit it to our team to review. Suggest a Calculator

How can I request to remove a calculator I created from the app?

While we encourage the free exchange of clinical assessment tools to improve patient outcomes, we understand some authors may want to restrict access to their calculators. If you have a calculator on our app that you would like removed, please contact us.

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